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Actor Lee Kwangsoo will appear as a guest for "Three Meals a Day, Fishing Village Episode 5."
Singer Hyuna showed off her extraordinary beauty in front of Luxury Car on her latest Instagram Update!
Actors Pyo Yejin, Kim Hyeyoon, Kim Bora and SF9 Rowoon will be the guest on Netflix's entertainment show "BUSTED 3."
Kim Heeae counterattack brings about an unpredictable scene in the still cut of drama 'The World of The Married'
WONDER GIRL Hyelim announces that she will be getting married to Taekwondo Fighter Shin Minchul.
Knetz were go crazy over GIRLS GENERATION Taeyeon's new teaser image for the upcoming comeback 'HAPPY'!
Moon Gayoung finally remember her bestfriend Soyeon and accepted Kim Dongwook as her lover in the new episode of 'Find Me in Your Memory'!
THE BOYZ succeeded in getting a head start by topping the 90-second performance of "Road to Kingdom." It was followed by Pentagon and VERIVERY in second and third place.
Yoo Yeonseok witnessed Shin Hyunbin's date in the new episode of 'Hospital Playlist'
Jeon Mido created a sweet situation by treating and washing Jo Jungsuk in drama 'Hospital Playlist'!
Pentagon indirectly mentioned the former member E'Dawn in the first broadcast of "Road to Kingdom"
'HOSPITAL PLAYLIST' Jo Jungsuk shares a cute selca with his son Woojo on his latest Instagram Update!
Knetz shares mixed reaction to the news of Actor Yang Sejong announced his enlistment.
Former member of WONDER GIRL, Yeeun (Ha:tfelt) has announced that she had tested negative for Corona 19.
Actor Song Seunghun has gained much attention in China after he reportedly pressed "like" on a Weibo post by his ex-lover, Liu Yifei, the agency explained.
OH MY GIRL Hyojung has turned into a fresh spring goddess in a pictorial with PILATES S!
Actor Yang Sejong announced that he will joins the military on May 12th.
FT ISLAND Choi Minhwan's wife, Yulhee expressed her feeling about appearing on "Radio Star" and become the mother of three children.
CLC Jang Yeeun will appear on Mnet's new hip-hop reality program 'Good Girl'.
Seven talented boy groups will start a head-to-head match at Mnet's "Road to Kingdom." first broadcast today!
Singer IU revealed her beautiful visual in the new teaser for the upcoming single 'EIGHT' with BTS Suga!
[PANN] Knetz shares mixed reaction following NCT Jaemin dating rumors with Actress Kim Ji-In after the new comeback.