Actor Yang Sejong announced that he will joins the military on May 12th.

Yang Sejong will joins the military on May 12th.

According to a daily sports report on Thursday, actor Yang Sejong recently received a military enlistment announcement. He will join the army on May 12th, according to the confirmation.

After appearing in a short film in 2013, Yang Sejong made his face known in 2016 with dramas "The Diary of Light in Saimdang" and "Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim" He quickly grew into a leading role with "Dual," completing his solid character with "Temperature of Love" and "Thirty But Seventeen." It won the honor of the 54th Baeksang Arts Awards' male rookie award in the TV category. He successfully led the tens of billions of won masterpiece "My Country" last fall, establishing himself as a trusted actor in his 20s.

No news of his next film has been heard since his special appearance in season 2 of "Romantic Doctor Kim." He spent time focusing on his daily life without deciding on his new work. And he will leave his fans for a while for his mandatory military service next month, after his decision to join the military.