[PANN] Knetz shares mixed reaction following NCT Jaemin dating rumors with Actress Kim Ji-In after the new comeback.

Actress Kim Ji-In and NCT Dream Na Jaemin act as couples in the web drama a Way to Dislike You.
Then there's speculation that they're dating.
It was a little controversial when the Twitter system was created.
And there's been a flood of evidence and tip-offs from a bunch of people that were buried, but they're dating.
The evidence is aligned one by one.
In fact, some fans find out that they are already in a relationship
The fans who noticed it closed their eyes and covered them.
But what happened today is
An article supporting a movie by an actor Kim Ji-in was posted on her Instagram Story and the name of her Netflix account was accidentally captured on the screen and fans saw it.
Everyone says that it's a lie, but the real actor posted it and deleted it immediately.
And on the day of Na Jaemin group's comeback, Kim Ji-in's friend wrote 'Good weather to ride' in the story and then mentions Kim Ji-in and uploads it.
Riding: NCT Dream comeback title track name (Ridin')
After that, fans who have known about love for a long time began to post evidence.
I've got a couple of proof photos attached below, although Netflix is impossible to deny, but...
Search Twitter for details

+) There's a rumor that Na Jaemin's ring is UNICEF Hoffring, so I'll delete the photos

++) I'm NCTzen and I likeNCT DREAM because of Na Jaemin. You don't mean it to other members, do you? Then get out of here.
And don't mention TXT and talk about Chen in. This is just a normal dating rumor.

Netizen comments :

(+340,-4) Of all things, his name is Na Jaemin.

(+238,-1) That's the most ridiculous romance rumor I've ever heard. ㅋㅋㅋ Even the timing is like this. What should I do?

(+225,-3) He's not my favorite and I'm a fan of 127 but I'm shocked.

(+204,0) It's nothing else. I didn't even want to know, but I got to know the girl's Instagram comments were all over the place. If she leaves the comments open, she will get cursed at, but it's hard to stop them.

(+198,-3) Hey, please tell me someone's lying.

(+173,-1) On the day of comeback, ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. All I can do is laugh.

(+150,0) No I mean, but isn't Netflix is too strict...? You must be very sorry, too.

(+126,-1) But she didn't mean to show it. She just made a mistake, so it's very vague and uncomfortable to say.