FT ISLAND Choi Minhwan's wife, Yulhee expressed her feeling about appearing on "Radio Star" and become the mother of three children.

Yulhee, a former member of girl group Laboum who recently gave birth to twins and became the "mother of three children," expressed her feelings about appearing on "Radio Star."

After the broadcast, Yulhee said about her thoughts on appearing on "Radio Star" on Ex-Sports News, "I am so grateful for the support that many people have sent me recently. I was busy with my childcare life, and it's been a long time since I've greeted you through entertainment shows, so it's a new feeling," she said.

She added, "The story that I couldn't finish on the show will be solved through my YouTube channel, 'Yulhee's House,' so please look forward to it, and I will continue to show you my beautiful family." I'm grateful," she added.

Yulhee is married to FT Island member Choi Minhwan and has a son and twin daughters. In particular, Yulhee's appearance on "Radio Star" came two months after the twin gave birth. Yulhee, who became a mother of three, explained rumors about "single parenting" caused by her husband Choi Minhwan's enlistment.