[PANN] Knetz listed the Male and Female Idol who have an amazing voice, including Girls Generation Taeyeon, Singer IU, BTS Jungkook, EXO D.O and more!

* This is a personal opinion
* People who want to add can add comments.
* I'm not trying to fight.
* I don't mean to compare.
* Good tone, pretty tone, clear tone,
  If there's an idol with a voice that's too good for me to hear, let's share it.

Why don't you pick some idols that you think of when you think of a good voice?

1. Girls Generation Taeyeon

You don't have to say it, we believe in Taeng.
First of all, do you like Bhrams OST Kiss Meᅲᅲᅲᅲ
I'm writing while listening.
She's like the Queen of Ost.

2. IU

Whatever you say, I believe in IU.
IU likes to sing Ost, but she likes to sing old songs.
So I was crazy when the album was released.
It's perfect to listen to "Autumn Morning" in these days.

3. BTS Jungkook
As expected from the Billboard no. 1 singer, he sings well and his voice is pretty!!
He's a natural idol because he's good at dancing, and have a good visual.
Personally, I like Jungkook's voice when he covered 10000 hours.
His English pronunciation is good. What can't he do?

4. NCT Haechan
Someone said that Haechan's voice is like, "It's like fresh dew on the grass of a calm lake."
But even if you don't tell me who it is, even if you sing a song that you don't know, you can tell that it's Haechan by just listening to his voice. It's a unique voice that you can't forget.
I like it because it has a pure feeling.

5. BTOB Yook Sungjae

Yook Sungjae is a great singer.
I've liked him since he came out on "King of Mask Singer" and he sings ballads well.
Of course, he's good at singing dance songs.
I still reflect on myself in the past, which I didn't recognize only by looking at my face.ㅋㅋㅋ
I can't wait for you to be discharged from the army and see you sing.

6. EXO D.O

This person who always appears in every way.
What should I say?
It's low and heavy, but it's intense, but it's ridiculous to sing it lightly.
It's powerful, and Do Kyungsoo's voice is just my taste.

7. SEVENTEEN Seungkwan

Seungkwan, I'm listening to your OST.
I think it's husky, but it's wide and high-pitched, he's so good at singing.
I hope you'll call him more and more for an ost.

8. SHINEE Onew

I can't lose Onew's voice...
SHINee members all have unique voices, but if I had to pick one, I would pick Onew.
You'll never forget your voice once you hear it.
Clean, straight, light, full and sweet

That's all I've got.
If you have any voice king in your mind, please let me know.

Netizen comments :

(+205,-35) Lee Changsub Minnie and Joy.

(+192,-34) Rosé Haechan D.O.

(+158,-23)  Lee Changsub's voice is the end of my millennium...

(+75,-36) Rosé and Jungkook~

(+75,-4) Joy Haechan D.O!

(+68,-6) It's in the text, but D.O.

(+59,-29) Jungkook is an amazing vocalist. He rarely hears tired or tense sounds and his voice never cracks.

(+57,-3) D.O~~

(+51,-3) Joy Haechan Renjun!!

(+42,-19) I love Jungkook's voice. I listen to his cover for 10,000 hours