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Jeon Somin expressed her feelings about returning after two months in 'Running Man'
Big Hit Entertainment apologizes for the recent controversy of BTS Suga's new mixtape.
Actress Han Sohee enjoy the summer with a simple outfit in her latest Instagram Update!
Police are investigating the discovery of hidden camera in the women's restroom at KBS HQ.
BTS Suga's mixtape "D-2" has been at the center of the controversy.
Actress Jeon Somin will finally make her comeback on "Running Man," which will air today!
'Hangout with Yoo?' has achieved their best ratings with 10,2% as Lee Hyori and Rain become the guest!
Girls Generation Yoona shares her daily beauty after celebrate her birthday in 'YOONA의 ♡NE Day Radio_90.530MHz'!
Lee Minho was tricked by Lee Jungjin using Kim Goeun in the new episode of 'The King: Eternal Monarch'.
Singer Lee Hyori revealed the background story of her new agency's exclusive contract in 'Hangout with Yoo?'
Knetz throwback about HOSPITAL PLAYLIST Male cast picture in their 20s!
Singer Rain talks about how there's still no female solois who can beat Lee Hyori in 'Hangout With Yoo?'
Knetz shares mixed reaction as Jung Chaeyeon and Somyi are reportedly not participating in DIA's comeback news.
[PANN] Knetz talks about Bae Suzy's type of selfie style since debut until now!