[PANN] Knetz talks about Bae Suzy's type of selfie style since debut until now!

Suzy selfies have two different styles, but each of them has a different type of preference.

1.a modest selfie

This is how Suzy when she made her debut with the proportion.

Her features are so big and gorgeous.
Isn't it amazing that she has a pure and innocent atmosphere?

Maybe it's because she was still a student when she made her debut.

Suzy simple+ Innocent+ No Makeup Selfie

2. Goddess-like selfie.

These are all pictures that show a beautiful face.
Of course, even in modest selfies, Suzy's features are so clear.

And in this pictures.

I think these are the best of Suzy's selfies because they show both advantages.
No, honestly, it's all best. ;;
I know it's meaningless to share this.;;

Suzy's selca that I like the most.

It's my favorite.ᅲᅲᅲ
I love that pure, clear, and clean atmosphere.
Really pretty.

Netizen comments :

(+41,-1) If you watch the video it looks really pure and innocent.

(+31,-1) Oh my... It's not a beauty from the world, as expected Bae Suzy's class.

(+31,-1) Her features.

(+25,0) Pure itself.

(+13,0) The nation's first love, even if you look forward, backward and sideways.

(+12,0) Suzy Holiday in music show and she still look like a princess.

(+11,0) beautiful.