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Actor Yoo Seungho reportedly has been drops out of the movie "Firehouse."
The Army musical "Return" said that nothing has been decided regarding the casting of EXO D.O. and FT Island's Lee Hongki for the musical.
Singer Kang Daniel left a video letter to himself in the new episode of 'Hello, Daniel'.
Actor Kim Soohyun has been selected as a model for a Swiss watch brand.
The 10-year K-pop girl group APINK will return as a complete group after confirming the release of the album 'LOOK'!
RED VELVET Wendy and SF9 Rowoon will play the Korean dubbing voice of DreamWorks musical animation film "Troll: World Tour".
Actor Group SURPRISE (Seo Kangjoon, Gong Myung, Kang Taeoh, Lee Taehwan and Yoo Il) has officially leaving FANTAGIO after the contract ended.
Girls Generation Yoona boasted of the atmosphere of goddesses in a pictorial LOFFICIEL!
"The Undefeated Legend." The still cut to mark Jang Nara's return to romance in four years has been unveiled for upcoming drama 'OH MY BABY'
(G)I-DLE has released a concept image featuring a strong black aura for the upcoming comeback 'I TRUST'
Actress Song Hyekyo personally revealed her interview on her latest Instagram update.
Singer IU tricks fans with hidden camera prank on 'IU TV' as she test drives!
NU'EST Aron boasted his handsome look behind the mask in his latest Instagram update.
Singer Park Jihoon showed off his cute visual in his latest Instagram update!
Kang Daniel bring his first trophy for his new comeback '2U' on The Show!
Trot singer Jang Minho confessed that his ideal type is Bae Suzy.
FT ISLAND Choi Minhwan's wife, Yulhee revealed how she was doing with the twins baby.
Singer Ong Seongwoo mentioned SG Wannabe Kim Jinho as a singer he wants to get close to.
Bae Suzy was chosen as the number one 'Star who they want to walk together under Cherry Blossoms' by Netizens!
Girls Generation and Actress Seohyun showed off her elegant charm in her latest Instagram update.
Actress Song Hyekyo showed off her "Goddess-like beauty" in the latest pictorial.
Knetz talks about the result of Singer Kang Daniel hard work in his new album on album charts and how good it is!