Actress Song Hyekyo personally revealed her interview on her latest Instagram update.

Actress Song Hyekyo personally revealed her interview.

Song Hyekyo posted an interview video with a luxury brand on her SNS on March 30th.

The released video showed Song Hyekyo filming a commercial, along with an interview video.

When asked to choose between morning and late night, Song Hyekyo said, "Late evening seems to be better. I can enjoy my free time to myself," she said.

When asked when she feels the most nicer, she added, "It's time for me to talk to my loved ones over dinner. That's the most natural look of me," she said.

When asked about things that haven't changed since childhood, she also drew attention by saying, "It's a relationship between people," and that "it means that people I've met since I was young are still next to me."