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TXT prove their big impact ever since debut with winning five Rookie of The Year Awards so far!
Kim Jaehwan, the "next-generation vocalist," will be returning with his new album after seven months!
LOVELYZ Yein showed off her perfect visual and face in her latest Instagram Update!
Ha Jiwon shedding tears for the unwanted triangle love in the new episode of JTBC 'Chocolate'
Knetz cant stop laughing at how funny Knowing Brother new episode with JYP, TWICE Dahyun and Nayeon!
Singer IU topped and ranked first in Idol Chart Ranking following her new comeback!
KARA Han Seungyeon post a meaningful and deep message to pay tribute for the late Goo Hara.
Kang Daniel thanked his fans for their new start and Best Music Video Awards at 2019 MMA!
ITZY and TXT won Rookie of The Year award at 2019 MMA, Knetz shares their thought of Melon criteria and the result.
FT ISLAND Hongki greet fans who miss him with a new selca and updated of his military life!
Bae Suzy say good-bye to Go Haeri following the end of her drama 'VAGABOND' on her latest Instagram!
BTS and Chungha won Best Dance Performance Awards at 2019 MMA!
JYP praised TWICE's Nayeon and Dahyun for their entertainment sense on Knowing Brother!
BLACKPINK Jennie greet fans after a while with her stunning visual on Instagram!
JTBC new drama 'Chocolate' by Yoon Kyesang and Ha Jiwon started up their drama with 3,5% ratings!
Girls Generation and Actress Yoona has been chosen as the next-generation actor representing Asia.
Singer Park Jihoon's pre-booking ticket for the Seoul concert has been sold out.
Momoland Yeonwoo and Taeha has decided to leave the group, and Daisy still under discussion.
Singer Kang Daniel finally visited Music Bank after a long time with his new song 'Touchin'!
BLACKPINK reportedly has started recording a new song and will make a comeback in early 2020!
Girls Generation Taeyeon share her thought about Voice Hong Minji's statement who claims to almost joined the group.
KARA Kang Jiyoung left a long and meaningful message for the late Goo Hara who used to be in the same team with her.
Jung Joonyoung and Choi Junghoon will have their first trial today, Choi Junghoon said that the crime of "special level rape" is too heavy and unfair.
Singer Kang Daniel expressed his thoughts on acting in 'Happy Together 4'
Ahn Jaehyun decided to take revenge to Oh Yeonseo in the new episode of 'Love with Flaws'