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The wedding pictorials of Actors Park Shinhye and Choi Taejoon were released, Knetz in love with it.
Knetz were go crazy with APINK's new teaser for the upcoming Special Album [HORN]!
Knetz praise how beautiful Singer and Actress IU in her latest Instagram Update!
SM project unit GOT the beat will appear on "M Countdown" , Knetz gets excited.
[DL] YUJU - 놀이(Play) Mp3 Download
[3.1MB] YUJU - 놀이(Play) Mp3 Download
YUJU - 놀이(Play) Mp3 Download
[DOWNLOAD] YUJU - 놀이(Play) Mp3
Former T-ARA member Soyeon and soccer player Cho Yumin reportedly will be getting married after a three-year relationship, Knetz comments.
Knetz were go crazy over Girls Generation Taeyeon's new MV 'Can't Control Myself'!
Knetz crazily in love with how beautiful BLACKPINK Jennie in a pictorial with ELLE!
Knetz in love with Singer YUJU's new ALBUM SAMPLER teaser for the upcoming solo album!
Knetz adore the cute friendship of Girls Generation Yoona and 2PM Junho in the new YouTube video!
[2.6MB] ENHYPEN - Blessed-Cursed Mp3 Download
[DL] ENHYPEN - Blessed-Cursed Mp3 Download