Mystic Story reportedly preparing to debut a six-member girlgroup in the second half of this year.

 According to a report by, Mystic Story has decided to launch a six-member girl group in the second half of this year.

Mystic Story is an entertainment agency with artists of various colors, including Yoon Jongshin, Harim, Jungin, Brown Eyed Girls, and Hongja, and has been preparing to debut as a girl group for a long time with the goal of debuting this year.

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Netizens comments :

- Does it include Miyu??? 

- Heol they will debut? 

- So they're really coming. 

- Heol Yeo Boram will debut??? 

- Takeuchi Miyu leave. 

- Finally they're coming. 

- Wow finally. 

- Heol amazing. 

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