[PANN] Knetz talks about BLACKPINK Jennie and RED VELVET Yeri's friendship on Instagram + BLACKVELVET friendship!

 Yeri went to Jennie's house today.

Jennie - Yeri

Joy - Rosé

Jisoo - Seulgi

Eonni, you got a haircut.

Wendy - Rosé

Yeri - Rosé

Irene - Jennie 

Seulgi - Lisa

Netizen comments: 

(+71,-4) Visual. 

(+61,-8) RedPink 

(+52,-4) The outfit combination is perfect. 

(+29,-4) BlackVelvet

(+20,-1) Jisoo - Yeri 

(+18,-2) I'm surprised to see Seulgi and Jisoo's picture.Can a single pair of eyes be that big? I have the same single eyelid, but why is it so different?

(+18.-1) Joy - Rosé

(+10,-1) I'll be waiting for Yeri appearance in Jennie's Youtube. 

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