[PANN] Knetz listed K-pop Artist as Global Ambassador & Muse, Ft. G-Dragon, EXO Kai, BLACKPINK Jisoo, Jennie and more!

 ‼ If you are uncomfortable with celebrity Ambassador's writing, just press back.‼️‼️

Criteria:  What's the activity

Order: Global Ambassador & Muse Selection Order

1. G-Dragon (GD)

Selected as a muse and ambassador of luxury brands for the first time among Korean artists.


- Chanel Global Ambassador [Chanel House Ambassador] (2016-)

* Campaign Activity

2. Kai

Gucci-Global Ambassador (2019–) 

*campaign activity 

**collaboration activity


1.) Jisoo

LVMH Group

- Dior House Friend (2021.01~)

- Dior Fashion, Beauty Global Ambassador (2021.03~)

2.) Jennie

CHANEL - Chanel Global Ambassador [Chanel House Ambassador] (2019~)

3) Rosé


Saint Laurent Global Ambassador (2020.02~) * Campaign activity

Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Muse (2021.01~)

(2) LVMH Groups

Tiffany & Co. Global Ambassador (2021.04–) * scheduled for campaign activities

4) Lisa

CELINE- Muse (2019~), Global Ambassador (2020~)

M.A.C - Global Brand Ambassador (2020~)

BVLGARI - Global Ambassador (2020~)

4. BTS

LVMH Group - Louis Vuitton Global House Ambassador (2021.04~)

* Global Ambassador Group First

BTS is hot news, so they haven't officially done a photoshoot yet, so I'll take a group photo!

I think it's something to celebrate that Korean artists have become global models and ambassadors to global brands.

I don't understand how cheesy people are.

Everyone starts working in 2020 and 2021, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how much a career we'll have.

GD, EXO, BLACKPINK, BTS, fighting!

Let's cheer up for each group's fans! 

Netizen commentst : 

(+185,-40) After Audrey Hepburn, the Givenchy muse at a time when no one else was doing it, and now the only Chanel muse among Asian men.

(+124,-41) Dior Global Ambassador Asian First Fashion Beauty Global Ambassador World~

(+122,-45) Wealthy Tiffany's store, which is about to be Rosé, has already been plastered with Rosé and hundreds of thousands of products are all out of stock.

(+78,-9) Rosé Kai is the only man and woman to be advertised worldwide as a campaign advertisement and is the pride of the Kering group

(+73,-22) Global Ambassador Jisoo, Natalie Portman, Kara Dellevine, three in the world.

(+70,-22) As Tiffany & Co's campaign muse & model, Rosé, who has two brands of campaign models that have never been difficult before, will be hung on the outside of Tiffany's stores from May.

(+66,-5) Gucci collaboration 

(+63,-23) Dior Fashion & Beauty Global Ambassador for the first time.

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