Actress Park Hyesu shares a long message regarding her recent controversy, Knetz react.

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 Netizens comments :

- If you're already struggling like this, you're not going to turn the tables with actual evidence of damage, or you're not going to be broadcasting the drama.

- It's a little bit like a sympathetic... Well, since you've gotten close to the friends who've been hurting you, you're right about playing hard to get along with.

- Wow, ancient times are ancient.

Apart from the incident, I realize this is why people need to learn

- But she's really good at writing. I think it's the best statement I've ever seen.Something sympathetic.

- I.. Really don't know. 

- What with father's baby. 

- What the hell is true?

- You have to think about refuting the testimony that's coming out now.

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