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Knetz can't stop laughing at how funny BTOB Eunkwang's latest Instagram update!
Knetz throwback about how beautiful and pure STAYC J with a long hair!
Actress Kim Hyeyoon reportedly will join the cast of tvN drama  'Tale of the Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi'
Rookie Actress Jo Yihyun reportedly will be the female lead of KBS new drama 'School 2021'.
SEVENTEEN Hoshi reportedly to perform his first solo Mixtape on the music broadcast, Knetz comments.
Knetz crazily in love with BLACKPINK ROSÉ visual for YSL Beauty in VOGUE Korea!
C9 Rookies confirmed their official team name and announced their hot debut.
YG Entertainment release a new teaser for BLACKPINK ROSÉ 'Gone' MV on April 5, Knetz gets excited.
Knetz talks about the comeback line up of Solo Artist and Group on April!
Knetz talks about Actress Kim Goeun who cheering for Singer IU on Instagram story!
Knetz adore how cute BLACKPINK Jennie who give a surprise call at ROSÉ's online fansign.
Knetz adore about how cute Singer IU in her latest Instagram story update.
Knetz crazily in love with RED VELVET Seulgi's amazing visual in Instagram update.
GUGUDAN Nayoung will be leaving JellyFish Entertainment, Knetz shares their thought.
Knetz amazed at how pure Girls Generation Seohyun's visual in her Instagram update!
Knetz talks about how good-looking iKON Jinhwan with glasses in his Instagram update.
Knetz talks about Netflix 'Money Heist' Korean adaption Official cast!
Mnet denied rumors of a feud with Starship Entertainment regarding WJSN appearance in the show, Knetz shares mixed reaction
GOT7 JB reportedly discussing an exclusive contract with H1ghr Music, Knetz gets excited.
RBW Entertainment release another statement and apology due to recent controversy, Knetz shares mixed reaction.
SHINee to released their repackaged album 'Atlantis' digitally on April 12 and physical album on April 15, Knetz gets excited.
RED VELVET Wendy showed off her fresh visual in a new teaser for the upcoming solo 'Like Water', Knetz in love with it.
Knetz in love with STAYC J and ISA's new concept photo teaser for the upcoming comeback!
Knetz amazed as EXO Baekhyun surpassed 760k album sales in the first day of it's new album 'Bambi'!
BLACKPINK Jennie celebrate WINNER Mino's birthday on Instagram story, Knetz adore how cute it is.
Drama 'River Where The Moon Rises' will be airing in 190 countries around the world, Knetz comments.
Knetz talks about how cute the way EXO Xiumin show some support to member Baekhyun's solo comeback on Instagram!
Knetz talks about Singer IU and EXO Baekhyun reunite once again with a new song in Melon Charts.