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Knetz amazed at how pretty and pure f(x) Krystal for AHC!
INFINITE Kim Sungkyu has decided not to renew his contract with his agency Woollim Entertainment.
Knetz in love with Singer and Actress Bae Suzy's amazing beauty for Dior!
Former member APRIL Lee Hyunjoo's friends claiming about the recent bullying controversy in the group, Knetz comments.
Knetz shares mixed reaction as all song distributed by Kakao M on Korea reportedly have been removed from Spotify.
Netizen claiming that former member APRIL Lee Hyunjoo left the team due to bullying in the group
Knetz amazed at how beautiful Girls Generation Yoona in her latest Instagram update.
Knetz talks about the still cut of drama 'Penthouse 2' for the upcoming broadcast!
Knetz talks about how cute Singer IU watching SHINee's performance in 'Palette'!
Knetz can't stop laughing at SHINee Key's ending fairy and 2PM Taecyeon reaction of it!
Knetz talks about the combination visual of the Music Core MC with ITZY Yeji.
Knetz adore how cute BLACKPINK Lisa's acrostic poem to show some support for Jisoo's drama!
Knetz talks about the combination of BLACKPINK Jisoo and Jennie face together!
Knetz talks about the heartwarming group selca of OH MY GIRL Arin and ONF!
Knetz crazily in love with how pretty IZ*ONE Wonyoung in her latest Instagram update!
Knetz talks about the various Netflix series line up in 2021!