[PANN] Knetz amazed and praise Boygroup TXT about how tall they are!

 It just got up, and I realized it was long.

Netizens comments :

(+94,-1) No, I think Choi Beomgyu and Kang Taehyun are taller.

(+65,-2) Looks like it's going to hit the ceiling.

(+64,0) Is it fraud... (For being so tall) 

(+22,0) They don't look big because of the camera composition. They just look huge.;;

(+21,-1) I'm so curious about Kang Taehyun's height. 

(+18,0) The picture in real life. 

(+13,-1) Oh my Choi Beomgyu is 180..

(+12,-1) Kang Taehyun looks really tall. He looks big.

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