[PANN] Knetz shares their thought about the beat and the concept for SHINEE Taemin's upcoming new song 'Idea'

 Just now, the teaser for the music video was released three days before Taemin's comeback, and the new song feels so good.

So far, Taemin's songs haven't been sung by his fans.I think there are likes and dislikes for the song? Of course, the stage is full of dance, but the genre of the song is dark and strong.

But maybe it's because he's a composer of the CardibB song, but I'm not just saying that the beat is really good. The beat is so good and the atmosphere is bright.

I found out today that BoA featured in the title song, and I'm looking forward to Red Velvet's Wendy featuring this time.


I know what that feels like from the teaser video.

And SM, please promote your singers properly. I know it's important for girl groups to come out, but please release Taemin's comeback, NCT's comeback, and Kai's solo soon. 

Netizens comments :

(+91,-6) Taemin Taeyeon is a treasure of SM.

(+43,-1) I can't imagine what song it is.

(+40,-1) It's not because I like Taemin, it's just that the beat is sincere and warm.

(+19,0) You're a bit hip. I was just listening and I was so surprised when I hit the beat.

(+17,0) I didn't expect much, but it's really nice.

(+16,0) What's up, SM?I've been watching weird teasers for the last few days, and Taemin's teasers are so good. I thought I lost my touch. 

(+15,0) No I mean, I like the beat. 

(+9,0) It's not BoA's featuring, it's just back vocal participation, anyway.

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