Knetz talks about the new OCN Drama 'The Uncanny Counter' by Jo Byunggyu and GUGUDANG Sejeong and the rising ratings in the new episode!

 The "The Uncanny Counter " is alarming.

According to Nielsen Korea, a rating agency, the second episode of OCN's Saturday-Sunday drama "The Uncanny Counter," which aired on Nov. 29, recorded 4.35 percent of viewer ratings based on paid platforms nationwide.

"The Uncanny Counter " started with 2.702% in the first episode and saw its ratings rise nearly 2% in the second episode, signaling an unusual momentum.

Saturday nationwide 2.702 / Seoul metropolitan area 3.167
Sunday, 4.350 nationwide / Seoul metropolitan 4.145

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Netizen comments : 

- It's really fun.

- This is so fun ㅠ

- I like the sync.

- Look at this, it's fun. 

- It's fun to read the webtoons. I can watch dramas, too.

- Amazing, it's really fun ㅠㅜㅜ

- Is It start already? I will watch it~

- I'm watching it on Netflow, but it's fun.

- Oh amazing.

- OCN did a goodjob~ 

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