Knetz shares their thought about the Artist Line up for AAA, Melon Music Awards, MAMA and The Fact Music Awards!


(NCT127 -> NCT2020)

Melon Music Awards

BTS and etc. 


Nominees only. (BTS PERFORMING 1st round)

The Fact Music Awards 

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Netizens comments :

- Cravity~~ 

- Wow I look forward to it. 

- The first round of MAMA's peforming lineup is BTS! 

- The fact that The Fact is a media awards ceremony, it's a terrible lineup.

- What's going on with The Fact line up? It's amazing. 

- The news came out today that BTS confirms to attend MAMA. 

- MAMA BTS, Treasure and more. 

- Wow the fact line up.. 

-  I like the fact line up. 

- BLACKPINK is not coming ㅠㅠ 

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