'Black Swan' Hyemi reveals to be the girl group member who has been accused of fraud, Knetz react.

 "You said you'd pay me back if you succeeded, but you ended up changing your number. More than anything, I feel betrayed." (A)

"Black Swan" Hyemi has been accused of fraud. She is an idol singer who debuted in 2015 with the girl group 'Rania'. She recently finished her comeback as the main vocalist of 'Black Swan'.

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Netizens comments :

- It's crazy. 

- It's real??? Really??? 

- Other members have just debuted, and one of them is making me sick.

- Give me a break and help me. What's the difference? Pay me back.

- No, I know her. Why... Did you?

- Victim abuse is the same mind as that crook.

- What? Black Swan? Isn't that a group with black members?

- Whatever else you're doing, you're gonna have to pay him back anyway.

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