Actor Nam Joohyuk has become the new face of Dior Beauty Korea.

Actor Nam Joohyuk has become the new face of  Dior Beauty Korea.

 Dior Beauty Korea will select Nam Joohyuk as the brand's new Korean Ambassador and begin official brand activities in earnest.

Nam Joohyuk is the official Ambassador for Dior Beauty Korea's new brand, and will showcase various brand Ambassador activities that cross perfume makeup skincare with Dior Beauty.

In this regard, Nam Joohyuk worked on the cover of the November issue of GQ Korea, a men's magazine, and a pictorial. Standing in front of the camera, Nam Joohyuk is a black-and-white visual pictorial, and he digested the strong masculinity and mystical charm of the male perfume sovaju, which represents Dior Beauty, in a sophisticated and luxurious style of Nam Joohyuk's own style.

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