2020 Asia Artist Awards broadcast reportedly will postponed to November 28, Knetz react

 It sounds like a pre-recording.

Conclusion: Recorded broadcasting

The "2020 Asia Artist Awards" to canceled the live broadcasts in the aftermath of the re-proliferation of Corona 19.

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Netizen comments : 

- Oh? 

- What do you mean...? You're not doing a live broadcast?

- Do you mean the pre-recording on 25th and the broadcast on 28th?

- Then it's not paid, is it?

- Show! Music Core is delayed broadcast as live broadcast, but Delay to five minutes means ...?

- This is better than gathered at the waiting room all the singers as if the time taken on the better.

- Wow, the award ceremony is for watching live...

- Are you done buying tickets for this?Pew 

- I didn't buy it yet, should I buy it or not?

- What's different from pre-recording? 

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