[PANN] Knetz talks about the Female and Male Idol who were selected as the model of Luxury Brand!

 Gucci IU Kai

Prada Chanyeol Irene

Chanel Jennie GDragon

Burberry Baekhyun Lucas

Dior Jisoo Sehun

Bvlgari Suho Lisa

If there's anything else that's not here, please let me know in the comments.

Netizens comments :

(+108,-13) Jisoo really pretty and suits Dior. 

(+94,-3) Looking at it like this, I can see the taste of each brand.

(+74,-3) It's like they're just sweeping away EXO and BLACKPINK in that industry.

(+73,-2) I'm not trying to get involved, but Dior Jisoo and Sehun really look good together.Should I say it's a good combination? You two look so good together.

(+71,-3) That's right this is K-Idol. 

(+63,-6) And those who are uncomfortable are wrong.

(+58,-2) Kai is Bobby Brown today♡

(+41,-2) What is this EXO BLACKPINK ㅋㅋㅋ

(+36,-1) Damiani Irene is the best. 

(+36,-1) But they're all fancy, cute, and handsome. It's different from just being pretty and handsome.

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