Knetz were go crazy over BLACKPINK Jennie's new charms in a pictorial with W Korea!

 I can't believe it. There's no way. 

Isn't she so over-the-top? I'm not surprised when saw it on Instagram, isn't it's a monthly BLACKPINK.I feel like they're doing a pictorial every month, but it's pretty and all legendary.

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Netizens comments :

- Ha.. Really ;; It's so pretty that I can't believe it.

- Heol It's very new.

- Jennie's combination powers

- Whoa.. It feels somehow new. 

- Your eyebrows look like a real Korean-American.

- Wow, eyelashes are amazing. Jennie is amazing. 

- Whoa really the atmosphere.. 

- Was it supposed to be an eyebrow arch?!

- But now that she changed the eyebrows, she look totally different. Amazing.

- Wow. 

- The last one doesn't look like Jennie.. 

- This is really Jennie??? It looks like different person. 

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