Knetz agree that TWICE Nayeon really suit the JYP's Retro concept for the upcoming group comeback!

 Nayeon in TWICE teaser just popped up

It's the first time TWICE has tried a JYP retro concept, and it's like a perfect match.

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Netizens comment :

- Wow crazy, Nayeon looks so pretty. 

- I will look forward to the vocal. 

- Pretty. 

- Nayeon what I like the most. 

- I really look forward to TWICE this time. 

- Everyone looks pretty. 

- It looks good on Nayeon. 

- They're really good. 

- I really can't wait this time. 

- Nayeon look so fresh and good. 

- Fresh Nayeon~

- Heol I like the song. 

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