Actress Kang Hanna confirms to has signed an exclusive contract with KeyEast.

Actress Kang Hanna has signed an exclusive contract with KeyEast.

"Actress Kang Hanna, who has built her own unique character in a number of works based on her outstanding acting skills, will be joining Keyeast," said Lee Yeonwoo, CEO of Keyeast Management. "We will give full support and support to actress Kang Hanna, who has both star and acting skills, so that she can fully expand her talent and take a leap forward,"

Kang Hanna has been loved by viewers for her wide acting spectrum, ranging from black comedy to action and melodrama. Through this, expectations are rising for a new acting transformation that she will show on tvN's "Startup," the most anticipated drama in the second half of 2020, when filming is currently in full swing.

As Kang Hanna, the owner of the eight-color charm, has signed an exclusive contract with Keyeast, an entertainment company that is actively producing dramas and movies, attention is being paid to her future moves.