[PANN] Knetz talks about TREASURE's legendary choreography in the water for their new MV!

I like dancing in the water since I saw the step-up, but I was excited to see this.

Netizen comments :

(+22,0) That was cool in the music video, but it was really cool watching the group cam today.

(+19,0) This choreography is cute, cool, and everything.

(+10,0) I like this part too.

(+5,0) This one is really cool

(+5,0) I like this beach atmosphere.ㅠㅠ

(+4,0) This scene is.. Perfect Kim Junkyu.

(+4,0) It's a little wet in the rain, but it's a lot of stuff. I wonder how hard it must've been to film this. The kids' toes are wrinkled.

(+4,0) You and I have the same point.

(+3,0) The MV legend.