Knetz talks about 'I-LAND' debut group ENHYPEN's big popularity who reached 1 million viewers & 100million hearts in their first VLIVE Broadcast!

Jay Sunwoo Sunghoon Jungwoon Jake Heeseung Niki

Niki Sunghoon Jake Jungwoon Heeseung Jay Sunwoo
I am so thrilled.

+ Please show a support to our Enhypen!!

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Netizen comments :

- Enhypen I love you~

- Enhypen is really amazing ㅠㅠ

- Super star Enhypen!!

- The last picture is Niki on the left?

- Everybody's smart, cute and handsome.

- Is it Sunwoo on the right side of the bottom picture?

- Is this I-Land debut?

- Wow I like this combination.

- Wow, you've already done V LIVE. It's so fast.