Knetz shares their thought about the Girl Group who has a unique and various concept in their opinions!

I'm f(x).... The concept was really unique, the visual combination was crazy, the concept of Amber being a boyish concept was so good, and the pink tape and the 4walls were completely changed.

Netizens comments :

(+156,-17) Girls' Generation! You're the only one who's ever been active, and you can mix with male idols.

(+120,-15) I don't think there's a girl group that picked as many national hit songs as 2NE1.

(+85,-19) I don't think there's a girl group that can beat 2NE1.

(+61,-5) Legends, of course, think they're all in their own right, but Muggle's view Girls Generation is over-the-top.

(+38,-5) 2NE1 Girls' Generation's hit songs are even known to grandmothers.

(+36,-2) Girls Generation.

(+36,-2) I think Girls Generation is just a legend of legend. There are so many hit songs. So far, fandom core has been solid and very popular. I think it's amazing.

(+16,0) This is Girls Generation!!!