BLACKPINK will hold a comeback live from 10 a.m on VLIVE for their new album 'THE ALBUM'.

With about a week left before the release of the first full-length album, BLACKPINK announced special communication with global fans on the day of its comeback.

According to YG Entertainment on the 26th, BLACKPINK will hold a comeback live from 10 a.m. (Korean time) on October 2, three hours before the release of its first full-length album "THE ALBUM."

In the broadcast, which will be broadcast live on VLIVE, BLACKPINK will talk about a variety of things, including the introduction of the song in the album "THE ALBUM" and the music video spoiler for the title track.

In addition to the mission games, special sessions have been arranged, including a section where fans can read their wishes for Chuseok. Fans' wishes for BLACKPINK can be conveyed through Twitter hashtags.