Knetz shares their opinions as fans claimed that ASTRO Moonbin & Sanha concept album is plagiarism from RED VELVET Irene & Seulgi unit album.

The foreign fans mention is full of cursing.
And if its unfair, don't you think I'm weird?
++The last one on the right is the tracklist

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Netizen comments :

- I think it's really different.

- I'm not a fan of either, but I don't think its look much alike.

- Why is this plagiarism? Is it plagiarism if the colors are the same color?

- What the same?

- Whos' the right one?

- There's nothing similar?

- It's similar. Color writing, arrangement, and every corner of a team's album. I guess it's more like that.

- It's a bit similar.

- It's just the same vibe. It's not plagiarism in the design.

- That's not so much as plagiarism..

- It's similar in feeling, different in detail, just similar in color.