Former Idol School Som Haein revealed that she has broken up with her girlfriend after 'Coming Out' last year, will make her debut as an Actor.

Singer Som Haein, who revealed her love affair with a same-sex lover at the same time as coming out last year, announced her breakup.

According to Ex-Sports News' exclusive coverage on the 4th, Som Haein, who make a surprised coming out last year, broke up with her girlfriend who had been dating for about a year.

Som Haein also officially acknowledged the breakup by posting on her Instagram in the afternoon that day, saying, "I decided to go my own way with my friend who had been in a public relationship for the first time," adding, "I'm just going back to where I was, so I'll work hard in that friend's place and in my place."

Som Haein made headlines in July last year when she revealed that she was dating a same-sex lover. At that time, Som Haein's coming-out sparked a hot issue online, drawing keen attention from Internet users.

Even after coming out, Som Haein released her single "Same Here" and worked as a singer. She is reportedly preparing for her official debut as an actor.