[PANN] Knetz talks about BLACKPINK Jennie Instagram who surpassed 30M followers and become the second most after Lisa!

In Korea, it's the second most after Lisa. Among Korea's followers, the first, second, third, and fourth places are all BLACKPINK members. ㅠㅠ  I envy you.
I wish they could feature with Ariana this time and sweep the first place...

Netizen comments :

(+74,-9) Oh..

(+53,-10) I think it's great that we surpassed 200,000 copies with one song and one photo book.

(+44,-4) Woah so cool.

(+39,0) 42.4 million subscribers to BLACKPINK YouTube ㅋㅋ  They're the number one female artist in the world, and writing bad comments doesn't change anything.

(+32,-2) No matter how much you are in Southeast Asia, you have the most followers on Instagram, and you are the number one female artist in the world.

(+19,-2) I think the male idol is about BTS and the female idol is BLACKPINK.

(+15,-1) Popular: Twice and various concept packs: Red Velvet Performance Music Video: BLACKPINK

(+14,-2) ㅠㅠ

(+14,0) I'm not BLINK. After BLACKPINK's comeback, no matter how many times other fans say weird things and say "failure," BLACKPINK seems like a lot to me.

(+10,-4) TWICE and BLACKPINK is like a top idol now.