APINK Oh Hayoung's agency, Play M Entertainment will take a strong legal action against malicious postings about their artist.

Apink has warned of legal action against malicious postings.

Apink's agency PlayM Entertainment said on its official fan cafe on July 20 that "we have found a number of cases of malicious postings online, including personal attacks, sexual harassment, and the spread of false information on Apink's artists."

"We will continue to monitor and collect data on malicious postings that defame or undermine the artist," they said. "If you give us a report, we will carefully review the contents and respond."

Recently, Oh Hayoung announced the founding of the FC Rumor, a women's celebrity football club composed of Gugudan Kim Sejeong, TWICE Jihyo, EXID Jeonghwa and more. However, some antis posted malicious postings pointing to friendship with male celebrity soccer clubs.

In response, Oh Hayoung explained, "It's a women's team made up of people who like soccer, and I started working out because I really work hard in exercising," adding, "I wanted to tell my fans that I'm learning it right later, but I think there are a lot of people who are thinking in the wrong direction."