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Knetz can't stop laugh at how cute Singer IU who's trying to help everyone in 'House on Wheels'!
Knetz express their wish to see another combination of BIGBANG GDragon, Singer IU and Yoo Jaesuk once again!
Girls Generation Yoona's contract with Innisfree has officially ended after 11years, Knetz react.
Knetz gets excited to see 5 member of Girls Generation reunited in Yuri's Youtube Channel!
Actress Song Hyekyo and Actor Hyunbin reportedly getting back together again, Agency denied.
Knetz go crazy over BLACKPINK Jennie's luxury visual in her latest Instagram Update.
[PANN] Knetz discuss about the Instagram post and picture they like the most by female idol!
MBC 'Idol Star Athletic Championship' reportedly will be back with another Chuseok special, Knetz shares mixed reaction.
Girls Generation Taeyeon showed off her cute bangs and visual in her Instagram Story and Knetz in love with it!
Knetz in love with ROCKET PUNCH Yunkyoung's new purple hair for the upcoming comeback 'JUICY'
MBC reportedly will make a documentary about The Late Sulli, the exact timing of the broadcast is still not confirm.
Knetz were gone crazy over Former member of X1, Cha Junho's recent apperance in a new selca!
Knetz talks about Actress Jun Jihyun who always looks pretty even until now!
 TREASURE first single album "THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER ONE" has surpassed 100,000 copies pre-orders!