Thursday, June 18, 2020

Girlgroup WJSN topped Mnet M!Countdown with their new song 'Butterfly'!

Girlgroup "WJSN" topped "M Countdown," which aired on June 18.

WJSN appeared on Mnet's music chart program "M Countdown," and won the first-place trophy in the third week of June with its new song "Butterfly." WJSN's top competitor was group N.Flying.

WJSN said, "Thank you so much to UJUNG (fan club). We will work harder in the future and will be a WJSN that will be loved. And I love you our parents."

They released their mini-album Neverland on June 9th. This album features the world of dreams and reality from the perspective of Tinkerbell, which is left alone after Peter Pan left.