Friday, May 29, 2020

[PANN] Knetz agree that Girls Generation Yoona was born to wear a dress with how beautiful she is!

(Watch out for a lot of pictures)

In my personal opinion
She's like a female idol who looks the best with a dress.

Girls' Generation Yoona.

She looks like a Disney cartoon princess.

And the dress looks so good on you.
To be honest, Yoona's face is the face that will suit any dresses.
They're all good at choosing dresses that look good on Yoona too.

This princess-like beauty and the great dress is a perfect match.
A person with a small face, a long neck and a look for a dress = Yoona
You look good in any color, really.

You can be a top three in the entertainment industry, not a girl group.
With that body shape when wearing a dress.
From that neckline to the shoulder to the pelvis, it's amazing. She's like a real princess.
They're all pretty, but my favorite among them.

She looks like a princess ㅜ
So crazy..

And also Yoona's suit fit is amazing.

I need to give Yoona a real country.
So she can wear a dress and suit all the time.

It's a princess. A princess.
By my standards, Yoona is the top one all-time.

Netizen comments :

(+29,-2) Woah crazy, look at her face + proportion. A good face that makes a good fashion, and a good proportion that make a good fashion.

(+25,-2) Wow, the proportions are great, and the dress is beautiful, and the suit looks great.

(+24,-2) So pretty... A princess.

(+13,-1) Woah.. Yoongprodite is Yoongprodite

(+13,-1) To be honest, there were a few outfits that were really bad and she still look like angels. It looks a real top.

(+12,-1) All Disney princesses come to mind

(+12,-2) I come in to see the dress fit, and then I stand up and clap my hands on the suit.

(+5,0) The black dress is pretty, but Yoona is prettier in any dress.