Tuesday, February 25, 2020

[PICTORIAL] GIRLS DAY Hyeri talks about communicating with fans through her YouTube channel in a pictorial with MARIECLAIRE.

Hyeri's pictorial and interview was released in the March issue of the fashion magazine 'Marie Clare'.

In the pictorial, Hyeri show her fashion sense for the upcoming spring, with a jackets, wide pants and the pink colors which creating a bright atmosphere.

Meanwhile, Hyeri, who recently runs a YouTube channel with more than 500,000 subscribers, said, "At first, I wanted to keep communicating with my fans even when I wasn't active, but now that I've been pondering about my content, I've naturally make it become an opportunity to think deeply about what I like and who I am."

For more than a decade since debuting as Girl's Day, when asked about what she thought she didn't want to lose, she revealed that she wanted to love herself without losing herself. "I think I can show more about myself if I take care of myself and work hard in life," she said, adding that she also made fans look forward to what she will show in the future.

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