Red Velvet, Oh My Girl, NCT Dream, and more reportedly will attend the "2022 Dream Concert." + Knetz reacts. 

 Top idol groups in Korea, including the group Red Velvet, Oh My Girl to NCT Dream, will participate in the "Dream Concert."

According to Star News' report on the 16th,  "2022 Dream Concert" will be attended by a number of groups including Red Velvet, Oh My Girl, NCT Dream, IVE, Kep1er, Golden Child, Drippin, Dreamcatcher, VICTON, ALICE, WEI, Kingdom, Pentagon, AB6IX, STAYC, NMIXX, Weekly, CIX, and more.

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Netizens comments :

- Heol OH MY GIRL also come. 

- IVE~

- All the girls I like are here. RED VELVET, IVE, STAYC. 

- Yay~

- I will make sure to come! 

- AB6IX!! 

- Oh the line up is good. 

- I like the line up. 

- Hng I want to go. 

- I want to see Red Velvet ㅠㅠ 


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