[PANN] Knetz crazily in love with how stunning BLACKPINK Rosé in a pictorial with BAZAAR!

 Chaeyoung's photoshoot has a simple set

She's just sitting on a set

Netizen comments : 

(+41,-2) How can she be so cool?

(+37,-3) Kyaa crazy.

(+35,-2) If you see a crown over your head, you're just a queen

(+17,0) She's number one by my standards. Her body and hands are like professional models

(+12,0) I can't believe every picture are released

(+9,0) And the accessories are really bold, but they don't look too much

(+8,0) Did you express this outfit so gracefully? Oh, my God

(+5,0) This one is really a legend, I like Rosé

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