Knetz amazed at aespa and AOA Seolhyun's beauty in the recent schedule together.


There's no winter. I don't know why.

The collaboration between Incheon Songdo K-pop city center and FENC.

aespa and Seolhyun

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Netizen comments : 

- Wow Seolhyun... So beautiful.

- They're all celebrities I like 🙂

- Wow... Seolhyun... Wow...

- Karina's face is so small. Seolhyun is amazing.

- Wow, it's a collision of worldviews. Both of them are so pretty!

But Seolhyun's vibe is crazy.

- Seolhyun amazing. 

- Seolhyun... What's wrong with your face size?

- Seolhyun pretty. 

- Wow, all four of them look like princesses.

- Wow, it's an interesting meeting.

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