[PANN] Knetz talks about ITZY Yuna's visual from debut until now!

 Where did it change? They're all pretty, but I think her eyes got bigger and her jaw got thinner because she lost baby fat.

Netizen comments : 

(+167,-2) But I think "DALLA DALLA" suits you better than the styling right now.

(+131,-5) She was really pretty when she debuted. The margin of her face changed and the tip of her nose and philtrum all changed subtly.

(+125,-7) But the two faces in the front are smiling and the last picture is a serious face. Yuna's eyes were round and pretty.

(+111,-15) Her eyes used to be big, but now they're big up and down, so they're not round.

(+79,-2) Wasn't Yuna's visual shocking when she asked for it? When I watched the fancam, her eyes got so big that they were crazy pretty. DALLA DALLA Yuna's fancam. She's the prettiest among all girls.

(+60,-4) No, isn't it weirder that she had the same face when she's 17 and 19? It's frustrating. Pretty things won't change.

(+45,0) Her eyes look like Jihyo.

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