Lee Seunggi will be the MC of JTBC "Sing Again" season 2 which will air in December.

 Lee Seunggi will be the MC of JTBC "Sing Again" season 2.

JTBC's "Sing Again Season 2" which will air in December, is an audition program that gives singers who are desperate for the stage a "one more" chance to stand in front of the public. The reboot project, which informs unknown singers, forgotten unfortunate artists, and talented people who met the wrong times, has resonated greatly from the beginning. 

Based on his high understanding of music, Lee Seunggi was well-received for his witty but touching the hearts of the participants. He will also host "Sing Again 2" to add fun. Lee Seunggi said, "I'm happy to be with 'Sing Again 2' again first," adding, "I'm very excited to see which other unknown singers will impress us this time." He added, "I will also do my best as an MC so that the participants can stand out more."

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