Knetz were gone mad at Woollim Entertainment regarding LOVELYZ current situations.

 Contract Expiration 2021.11.12 (One month left)

However, after the last comeback of 20.09.01 (mini, 1 year and 4 months after the hiatus), no album has been released for more than a year.

Some of the members said that they forgot their jobs, that they are unemployed, that they are at home because they have nothing to do.

We did everything we could. We said we wanted to release an album. It's not like we didn't talk about this and that.

We don't stay still either. Of course, it's our life. We're sorry for wasting so much time. We don't want to waste time.

Even though the members appealed to the company several times that they wanted to come back, they just ignored it. Every time they said they were sorry to the fans when they met and talked with the members, they talked about when they would make a comeback.

The members also keep mentioning that they want to perform on stage, to the point that they're sorry to ask..ㅎㅎ

 It's not that Woollim don't have enough money

After Lovelyz's last comeback, they've released 13 albums.

What are the members doing? As you know, Mijoo worked hard and rode the entertainment with Yoo-line, Jiae worked hard on the radio. The rest of the members often appeared on the web once or twice, rested at home, went to restaurants, practiced and played games ~ 

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Netizen comments : 

- It's not surprising at all about Woollim. 

- Woollim really needs to wake up. Worst agency.

- I'm a fan of their song, that's too bad ㅠㅠㅠ

- Mijoo is hot right now. I think their results will be good if they release an album now.

- At some point, I saw that Woollim was trying not to invest in artists but to make it cost-effective.

- Woollim doesn't seem to answer these days.

- Hah woollim. 

- Lovelyz contract renewal this year?? Is that why the agency leaves it unattended on purpose?

- Don't say things like, "I can't afford it." Isn't it the company's job to release the album within the contract period? Woollim collected 120 million through funding for Lovelyz's photo book earlier this year. But they didn't do anything.

- Even when it was INFINITE, they left it unattended before renewing the contract.

- They won't renew my contract.

- Because it's Woollim. 

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