Knetz talks about their favorite era of Singer and Actress IU and her visual golden days!

 1. You & I 

2. Producer- Infinite Challenge -Twenty-Three.

3. Del Luna

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Netizen comments : 

- I like red shoes. 

- She was so pretty when she was 15.

- I like when she was twenty three. 

- Del Luna. 

- I like Del Luna. 

- For me, she was so pretty when IU had short hair. Was it red shoes?

- Producer. 

- I like twenty-three. 

- I like three of them. 

- You & I ㅠㅠ When I became fan. 

- Every day is her golden age.

- So annoying. Why are you so pretty?

When I come down from 1, I can't decide if I should just accept it and sit down.

- The 2nd place legend. 

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