Kim Seonho has decided to leave KBS2 "1 Night and 2 Days", Knetz react.

Actor Kim Seonho will drop out of "1 Night 2 Days."

According to a report by Spotv News on the 20th, Kim Seonho decided to leave KBS2's entertainment program "1 Night and 2 Days."

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Netizen comments : 

- Ha...

- Wow. 

- What will happen with the members and the staff?

- That's fast. 

- You said you were going to do it for the longest time.ㅎ

- The member really...

- Ah really.. Ha... 

- It's the 100th episode soon.

- Phew. 

- Aigoo..

- Goodbye.. 

- That's fast, it's a relief. 

- You said you'd stay the longest, you jerk... Sigh...

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