Knetz in love with RED VELVET Joy's amazing visual for Calvin Klein!

 I guess Kiyong and Joy took the blurry picture together on the official website. I'm looking forward to it!

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Netizen comments : 

- Please the HD version ć…œ

- I can't wait ć…œć…œ

- Ah crazy, I like it. 

- Wow amazing. 

- Heol. 

- Heol heol.

- Wow amazing, It looks really good on her. 

- It's crazy. It's pretty even if it's blurry.

- It's hot, as expected Joy ❤️‍šŸ”„❤️‍šŸ”„❤️‍šŸ”„

- I really like it ć…œć…œ  

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