Actress Kim Yoojung donated 30 million won to The Green Umbrella Children's Foundation

 Actress Kim Yoojung participated in the good deed with donations.

The Green Umbrella Children's Foundation, a representative organization for children's protection, announced on the 1st that Actress Kim Yoojung donated 30 million won to support children in danger of crime victims.

The donation was made to mark the birthday of Actress Kim Yoojung. She practiced a meaningful donation to repay the hearts of fans who always send generous support and love.

Kim Yoojung, who is also a member of the Green Noble Club, a group of major donors with more than 100 million won of the Green Umbrella Children's Foundation, has made a positive impact by consistently practicing warm sharing, such as delivering medical expenses for low-income children and children suffering from COVID-19. 

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